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LOGO! –Innovative switching & control ...The Original!


• Enhanced firmware for the LOGO! 0BA5 basic device
• Analog module with two analog outputs 0–10 V
• PI controller for temperature control
• Two-stage ramp control for the control of (e.g.) frequency converters
• Analog multiplexer, e.g. for light control
• New digital DM 16 expansion module
• Compatible with the 0BA4 generation


Function blocks for simple control loops, ramp functionality and analog multiplexers (MUX) are now also integrated in the software.


Predefined parameter sets for standard applications can be selected for the closed-loop control function. Gain and integral time can be adjusted as required. Two analog values can be approached over ramps using the ramp functionality.


Acceleration and delay can be set and even the maximum output value can be specified. The analog multiplexer combines binary inputs and provides up to four default analog values at the output subject to two binary inputs – for example, to control dimmers or fansgo to top




S7 200


S7-200 ! –Signal modules! Hardware


• Description
• Benefits
• Design and functions
• Technical data



The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC provides a full range of communication capabilities. The integrated RS485 interfaces can be operated at data transmission rates from 1.2 to 187.5 kbaud:


* As system bus with up to 126 participants: Programming devices, SIMATIC HMI products and CPUs can be networked without a hitch. In pure S7-200 networks this is accomplished with the integrated PPI protocol. In a network composed of Totally Integrated Automation components, such as SIMATIC S7-300/400 or SIMATIC HMI, the S7-200 CPUs are integrated as MPI slaves.
* In the freely programmable mode up to 115.2 kbaud, with user-specific protocols such as ASCII (this supports interconnections with a modem, printer, barcode reader, PC, third-party PLC and any other device). Up to 32 SIEMENS frequency converters can be controlled without additional hardware by using USS protocol instructions. Benefits

• Modem communications

The S7-200 CPUs can be accessed nearly anywhere in the world by modem via wired network or radio.


* Teleservice: the modem communication option is useful for avoiding expensive service calls. Two modems are all you need for remote use of the complete range of functions such as program transfer, status or control; the communications tools are integrated as a standard feature. External modems can be used as local modems.
* Telecontrol: you can call up messages and measured values via modem as well as define new setpoints or commands. In this case, one base station S7-200 can control a nearly unlimited number of remote stations. The protocols for data transmission are freely selectable, e.g. for text messages directly to a cell phone, error messages to a fax machine or Modbus RTU.

• Speedy PROFIBUS connection

All CPUs from 222 upwards can be run via the EM 277 communications module as a norm slave on a PROFIBUS DP network with a transmission rate of up to 12 Mbit/s. This open feature of the S7-200 to higher level PROFIBUS DP control levels ensures you can integrate individual machines into your production line. With the EM 277 expansion module, you can implement PROFIBUS capability of individual machines equipped with S7-200.

• Powerful AS-Interface connection

The CP 243-2 turns all CPUs from 222 upwards into powerful masters on the AS-Interface network. According to the new AS-Interface specification V 2.1, you can connect up to 62 stations, making even analog sensors easy to integrate. With AS-Interface, you can connect up to 248 DIs + 186 DOs in the maximum configuration. The max. number of 62 stations can include up to 31 analog modules. The configuration of the slaves and reading/writing of data is supported by the handy AS-Interface Wizard. Design and functions

The built-in RS 485 interfaces can operate at data transmission rates up to 187.5 kbit/s functioning as follows:

* As a system bus with a maximum of 126 stations. In this capacity, it is possible to network programming devices, SIMATIC HMI products and SIMATIC CPUs without a problem. The integrated PPI protocol is used for pure S7-200 networks supporting multiple masters from a single port. In a network consisting of other Siemens components (SIMATIC S7-300/400 and SIMATIC HMI, etc.), the S7-200 CPUs are integrated as MPI slaves.
* In Freeport mode (up to max. 115.2 kbaud) with user-specific protocols (e.g. ASCII protocol). This means the SIMATIC S7-200 is open for any connected device; for example, it enables connection of a modem, barcode scanner, PC, non-Siemens PLC and much more. By means of the USS protocol for drives, as many as 32 Siemens frequency converters can be controlled without additional hardware.
* The Modbus RTU Library included in the package also enables connection to a Modbus RTU network as a Master or a Slave.

• OPC Driver with PC Access

PC Access is the ideal basis for data exchange between S7-200 and a connected PC – regardless of the communication link selected (PPI, modem, Ethernet/IT CP). As an OPC Server, PC Access offers you the option of writing or reading S7-200 data with Microsoft Excel, or any other OPC client application. Technical data


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S7 300


The SIMATIC S7-300 has been designed for innovative system solutions with the focus on manufacturing engineering, and as a universal automation system, it represents an optimal solution for applications in centralized and distributed configurations:


* Modular and compact design without a PLC rack: saves space and easy to expand
* Maintenance free thanks to innovative memory card concept: Less maintenance — saves time and money
* Extensive line of function modules for a wide variety of applications, such as closed-loop control, positioning and cam control
* Better product range selection, easier/better options for future expansions
* Single platform for multiple solutions: integrated failsafe, integrated motion, integrated I/O: Reduces hardware cost and spare parts, cleaner, more efficient designs
* Worldwide references and support: Added security/confidence in product and application

* Many of the S7-300 components are also available in a hardened SIPLUS version for extended environmental conditions, e.g. extreme temperature range (-25...+60 °C) and for use where there is aggressive atmosphere/condensation.

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S7 400

SIMATIC S7-400 – Siemens PLC

The Power Controller for system solutions in the manufacturing and process industries!


Within the Controller family, the SIMATIC S7-400 is designed for system solutions in the manufacturing and process automation. The product range comprises 9 Standard CPUs, 2 failsafe and 2 high available CPUs.

The following features make the SIMATIC S7-400 the most powerful

The S7-400 is especially suitable for data-intensive tasks in the process industry. High processing speeds and deterministic response times guarantee short machine cycle times on highspeed machines in the manufacturing industry. The highspeed backplane bus of S7-400 ensures efficient linking of central I/O modules.

The S7-400 is used preferably to coordinate overall plants and to control lower-level communications lines with slave stations; this is guaranteed by the high communication power and the integral interfaces.

The power of the S7-400 is scalable thanks to a graded range of CPUs; the capacity for I/O is almost unlimited. The power reserves of the CPUs enable new functions to be integrated without further hardware investment, e.g. processing of quality data, user-friendly diagnosis, integration into higher-level MES solutions or high-speed communication via bus systems.

The S7-400 can be structured in a modular way without any slot rules; there is a widely varied range of modules available both for centralized configurations and distributed structures. The configuration of the distribuded I/O of the S7-400 can be modified during operation. In addition signal modules can be removed and inserted while live (hot swapping). This makes it very easy to expand the system or replace modules in the event of a fault. The storage of the complete project data including symbols and comments on the CPU simplifies service and maintenance calls .

Safety technology and standard automation can be integrated into an S7-400 controller; the plant availability can be increased by the redundant set-up of the S7-400.

Many of the S7-400 components are also available in a SIPLUS version for external environmental conditions, e.g. extended temperature range (-25?+60°C) and for use where there is aggressive atmosphere/condensation.

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Simatic HMI - Siemens HMI


• SIMATIC Push Button Panels
• SIMATIC Micro Panels
• SIMATIC Mobile Panels
• SIMATIC Panels
• SIMATIC Multi Panels
• SIMATIC HMI -Software


SIMATIC Push Button Panels

the bus-capable alternative to conventional control panels. The SIMATIC Push Button Panels make it possible.They arrive on your premises already equipped with multi-colored, long-life flat LEDs with rugged short-stroke keys.

You only have to position the Push Button Panel in the appropriate installation cutout and plug in the power supply and a standard bus cable to connect all operator elements correctly to the PLC. Then you are ready to go!

Although the installation concept is innovative, the operator philosophy remains the field-proven one familiar to you by using keys, switches or indicating lamps – living up again to the motto ”Trends you can trust”

The speed with which you can install the panels is matched by the flexibility with which you can adapt the panels, for example by direct installation of 22.5-mm standard elements of....

SIMATIC Micro Panels

for the control and monitoring of small machines and plants especially for the SIMATIC S7-200.

Especially for the Microsystem SIMATIC S7-200 SIMATIC HMI offers price optimized devices.

Text Display TD 100 C

Smallest Text Display with a freely configurable surface

Text Display TD 200

Proven Text Display with a 2-line display and 8 function keys

Text Display TD 200 C

Text Display based on the TD 200 with up to 20 freely configurable keys

Text Display TD 400 C

Four-line Text Display with up to 15 freely configurable keys

Operator Panel OP 73micro

Operator Panel with a 3" graphical LC-Display.

Touch Panel TP 177micro

Touch Panel with a 5,7" STN-Display which can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation

SIMATIC Mobile Panels

Handheld devices for "on-site" operation of machinery and systems.

SIMATIC Mobile Panels - HMI goes mobile

Regardless of industry or application, if mobility is required for the "onsite" control of machines and systems, SIMATIC Mobile Panels are the answer, e.g. for larger production systems, complex or hard to access machines, long materials handling or conveyor systems.


Functional design, user-friendly operation and sophisticated safety concept


Configuration options with emergency stop wiring

Mobile Panel 177

Series 170 Handheld Panel with 5.7" color display.

Mobile Panel 277

Series 270 Handheld Panel with 7.5" or 10.4" color display

Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN

Wireless Series 270 Handheld Panel with 7.5" color display, also available in a failsafe variant with an emergency stop button.

Connection boxes

Patented connection technique PROFIBUS and PROFINET


for efficient operator control and monitoring in different performance categories

Due to their comprehensive functionality SIMATIC Panels provide efficient operator control and monitoring of machines and plants on site. SIMATIC HMI offers a complete range of devices in well graded product families.

Text Panels:

The proven devices for tasks without graphic representation

Information about the migration from text oriented devices to their successors with full graphic capabilities.


Series 70:

The clever way to start ? low cost and

Operator Panels with 3" and 4.5" graphics display for smaller HMI tasks.

Series 170:

The compact versatile units with comprehensive basic functionality

with pixel graphics 6" display for realistic representation of processes (also in color), either as Touch Panels (TPs)or as Operator Panels(OP) with membrane keyboard.

Series 270:

The all-rounder with optimal power and performance

like the series 170 as Touch- or Operator Panels with even more comfort and performance as 6" devices.

SIMATIC Multi Panels

especially performant devices for demanding HMI tasks and other automation applications.

More than just operator control and monitoring As they are the highest performing HMI devices the Multi Panels are suited for most demanding HMI tasks.In addition to visualization, the Multi Panels are also able to handle other automation tasks, e.g. as a platform for a soft plc. HMI-Functionality Comprehensive functionality, openess and connectivity as well as simple maintenance.


A complete range of software products, from configuration software through pc-based machine level visualization and process diagnosis to multi user SCADA-systems.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible

Innovative HMI Software for all applications close to the machine or the process.

WinCC flexible Options

Software packages for expandig functionality of WinCC flexible Engineering- and Runtime software.


The powerful option for process diagnosis to reduce downtimes running with WinCC flexible or WinCC.


Process visualization using Plant Intelligence - Multi user capable SCADA System - open, scaleable and flexible.

WinCC Options

Software packages for expandig functionality of WinCC basic software

WinCC Add-ons

Software applications of our partners for industry or technology-specific requirements.

Software Update Service

The easy way to keep your software up-to-date, Software Update Service and WinCC Comprehensive Support.

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